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  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

    Accounting and Bookkeeping

    We have a team of exceptional accountants that will assist you with your finances. Our team will also take care of your bookkeeping tasks such as processing receipts, payments and other financial transactions.

    • Year End Financial Statements
    • Management Accounts
    • Setting up Systems to your specifications
    • Monthly Bookkeeping Services
    • Debtors and Creditors Control
    • Payroll Administration
  • Tax Consultancy

    Tax Consultancy

    Taxes are a daunting task for most people. Don’t worry C&J has you covered. We have a team of financial experts with advanced training and knowledge in tax law ready to assist you with your taxes.

    • Business Partner Number Application
    • VAT Registration
    • VAT Calculation & Remittance
    • ITF263 (Tax Clearance Certificate)
    • Corporate Income Tax Computation
    • Remittance of all statutory returns (PAYE, NEC, NSSA)
    • Capital Gains Tax Computation & Clearance
    • Withholding Tax Calculation & Remittance
    • ZIMRA Audit Advise and assistance
    • Tax Planning
    • General Tax Health Checks
  • Company Secretarial Services

    Company Secretarial Services

    Are you looking at setting up a company? C&J can assist you with setting up your company. We also assist existing companies with name change. Furthermore, we provide trademarks and brand registration services.

    • Company Formation
    • Company Change of Name
    • Annual Returns
    • CR14, CR6, CR2, CR11
    • Minutes and Resolutions
    • Share Certificates and Share Transfers
    • Trademarks & Brand Registration
  • Finacial Advice and Planning

    Financial Advice and Planning for Local and International Businesses

    We have experience in providing financial advice and planning for both local and international businesses. We assist with budgeting and opening local, international and offshore accounts.

    • Introduction to Banks
    • Preparing budgets and cash flow forecasts
    • Preparing Business Plans
    • Drafting Agreements
    • Linking short term requirements with short term lending
    • Advice on long term investment opportunities
    • Assisting with Opening Local and International Bank Accounts and Offshore Accounts.
  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning

    Death is inevitable. It is important that you secure the future of your loved by planning your estate. We have a team ready to assist you in drafting and registering your will and trust.

    • Executors of Deceased Estates
    • Drafting and Registration of Wills and Trusts
    • Safekeeping of Wills
  • Audit Functions

    Audit Functions

    We perform both small and large audits. We will help you ensure compliance with established internal control procedures through examining records, reports, documentation and other essential data. We will also verify assets and liabilities by comparing documentation.

    • Small and Large Audits
  • Payroll Services

    Payroll Services

    Through collecting, calculating and entering data C&J will assist you in maintaining payroll information. We will also help you ensure you are compliant with laws governing payroll.

    • Monitoring Employee Time and Attendance
    • Setting up and Making Changes to Direct Deposit Accounts
    • Calculating Payroll Taxes and Ensuring the Correct Deductions
    • Providing Electronic Payroll Records to Employees and Employers
    • Ensuring Compliance with Government Laws Governing Payroll
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    We are experts in corporate finances, management and strategy dealing with purchasing and/or joining of companies. We will also assist you in finding possible partners during mergers and/or acquisitions.

    • Identifying Possible Partners
    • Sales of Businesses
    • Helping with Agreements
    • Linking Cost Effective Solutions to Achieve Objectives
  • Investments and Listing

    Investments and Listing

    Are you looking for new investments opportunities? We can assist you in finding new investment opportunities. We can also assist you in investing and listing on the Stock Exchange.

    • Seek and identify possible investment opportunities
    • Assist clients with prelisting requirements
    • Facilitate underwriting interest for listings
  • Secretarial Services

    Training and Staff Recruitment

    C&J provides training for existing staff so that your company can provide exceptional services to you clients. We can also assist you in recruiting new staff.

    • To assist in clients’ training needs
    • To identify and place suitable staff as per client’s requirements
  • Project Management

    Project Management

    C&J are experts at Project Management. We have experience in all stages of project management from performing feasibility studies to project execution.

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Defining project goals
    • Project Scheduling
    • Resource Planning and Management
    • Project Execution
  • Insurance


    We provide multiple insurance policies. These include car insurance, personal accident insurance, home insurance, medical insurance, stock insurance, money insurance, employee insurance and fidelity guarantee insurance.

    • Car Insurance
    • Personal Accident Insurance
    • Home Insurance
    • Medical Insurance
    • Stock Insurance
    • Money Insurance
    • Employee Insurance
    • Fidelity Guarantees
  • Property Management

    Property Management

    Do you own a property and are looking at leasing it out? C&J can assist you. We can also assist you with facility management.

    • Property Listings
    • Marketing and Financials
    • Tenancy and Occupancy
    • Facility Management
  • Business Plans

    Business Plans

    We assist individuals and organisations in coming up with businesses plans. The key elements are conducting marketing research, resource planning, budgeting and implementation of the business plan.

    • Identify, Develop and Implement Business Plans, Processes and Procedures
    • Determine and Implement Key Businesses Initiatives
    • Assist Management in Resource Planning, Accounting and Budgeting
    • Maintain up to Date Knowledge of Market Dynamics
    • Identify Business Problems and Provide Recommendations

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